Welcome, amongst the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites
Where you will find the sun kissing you when you awake,
welcome, in the uncontaminated summer nature,
in the winters, where the snow keeps you company.
Welcome, under that sky
Where one feels like stroking it with one's hand,
amongst the Edelweiss, that allow themselves to be rocked by the wind,
through the history of Zoldo, witness of many centuries.
Welcome, amongst we who still bring
the kindness of flowers and of the generations
where every path, every rock
Brings to mind a rich history.
Welcome, in the serenity that the mountains can provide you with
and your stay will be a romantic one, my friend.
Where all blends in the magic spell of the nights,
in living serenely the days.
Welcome, where you will find that friendship
that seemed lost, where getting to know one another
becomes a stimulus to meet again,
where the handshake is sincere as once was.

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